About SchoolPoint

SchoolPoint is a multipurpose school management software developed to simplify educators' workload, analyse students' performance, and generally automate the system and processes of schools

With SchoolPoint, parents can access real-time attendance, academic and overall performance reports of their children. Proprietors and School owners, at any point in time, can have access to data analysis and reports of each student, class and school in general.


Everything you need in a School Management System


Generate and manage periodic academic reports, performance reports, financial reports. etc.


School data are sorted and analyzed to provide reliable metrics to evaluate members performance


This powerful feature allow for easy handling of all kinds of academic activities like grading, attendance, etc.


Easily monitor and manage cash flow from fee payment and other sources made through banks, credit card online.

Database And Access

Students, Parents, Teachers and the entire managerial staff can log in, perform tasks and share information.


Built-in private messaging and sms integration allow members send and receive information


How do I deploy School-Point in my school?

Simply call our Sale's number or contact us by clicking here, fill out the form and send, then we will get in touch with you.

Do I need to download and install SchoolPoint?

No, School-Point is a web-based school management system and so can only be accessed online. We however have special spreadsheets that allow you do bulk of your task offline and then upload later.

Do I need additional software to use School-Point?

No software or plug-in is required for use.

Any hidden charges?

No hidden fees.

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